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Emergency Operations Management



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Council-certified Emergency Operations Professional
Required: 8 years experience in emergency operations management



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Council-certified Emergency Operations Manager
Required: 2 years experience in emergency operations management



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Council-certified Emergency Operations Coordinator
Required: current involvement in emergency operations management


Program Summary:

Council-certified Emergency Operations personnel (CEOP, CEOM and CEOC) coordinate and manage a company's response to a natural or man-made disaster in the event that government first responders cannot arrive immediately.  From fire supression and light search & rescue to medical and building triage, Council-certified personnel have knowledge and experience in a wide range of disciplines relevant to disaster management.  Working as part of the regular staff of any business, they develop and maintain procedures and chains of command that enable the company to maintain order in the event of an emergency and provide first responders with an accurate assessment of the situation when they arrive.   

Council-certified Emergency Operations personnel (CEOP, CEOM and CEOC) possess verified knowlege of the disaster management field.  The CEOP, CEOM and CEOC certification exams cover the most respected reference texts in the industry. Candidates must know the important industry standards. They must be familiar with scientific principles governing a wide range of disasters and their implications for life and health.  They must understand the most common practices and protocols used by first responders, as they often perform the work of first responders in the first hours after a disaster strikes.

A CEOP, CEOM or CEOC possesses verified experience in emergency operations management in settings like these:

To earn the Council-certified Emergency Operations Professional (CEOP), Council-certified Emergency Operations Manager (CEOM) or Council-certified Emergency Operations Coordinator (CEOC) designations, candidates must:



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