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Tips for Completing the Certification Application

Be sure to answer the following questions in each project sheet:

When did the project take place?
Example: January 2003; Spring 2004, etc.

Where did the project take place?
Example: Smith Residence, Anywhere USA
Example: Two-story office building, Anywhere USA

Who can validate your work on the project?
Example: Mrs. Smith, contact phone #
Example: IEP or employer, Company name, contact phone #
Example: See employer affidavit.

What was the problem?
Examples: Moisture intrusion; hurricane damage; foul odors in basement; occupant complaints related to IAQ; visible mold; chemical spill; sewage backup, etc.

What did you personally do to diagnose and/or correct the problem?
Example: "I performed air and surface sampling…"
Example: "I set up containment barriers…"
Example: "I performed mold remediation…"
Example: "I conducted an asbestos and lead survey…"
Example: "I took measurements related to ventilation effectiveness…
Example: "I recorded pressure differentials between the area of complaint and…"
Example: "I developed project specifications…"
In each of the examples above, continue by describing the basic techniques and equipment used in the project in 200 words or less.

What was the outcome of the project?
Example: "…with formaldehyde concentrations reduced to background levels."
Example: "…equipment was removed after restoring the residence to a Condition 1 state."
Example: "…and the IEO/IH stated the post-remediation verification was successful."
Example: "…but our recommendations were declined as insurance did not cover the loss."

In addition, keep these tips in mind:
Summarize the details of the project without disclosing confidential information.
Make sure the project falls within the scope of the certification for which you're applying.
Use the pronoun "I" instead of "we" to describe your activities. Overly general submissions are not acceptable.

The Board retains the right to deny certification to any candidate for any reason. For further assistance, please contact our helpful staff at (888) 808-8381.

"The ministry of education for the island of Bermuda needed an independent IAQ person to evaluate what has been happening in some of their schools and to keep tabs on the firm from Texas doing remediation. One of the factors in my having been selected was that I am a CIEC…" -- Signed PG
Did you know that ACAC certifications are board awarded, never staff awarded?
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25 ACAC certification programs are accredited by the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB). 
All ACAC examinations are compliant with standards published by APA, AERA and NCME.